Kill that Bilge!

My brother sails the Chesapeake quite a lot and found the product, NavalKleen Small Craft Formula, somewhere down there. I have a 38 Island Packet sail boat and he gave me some of his. I use it in the bilge but mostly at the fuel dock for spills in the water and on my deck. It takes care of the diesel in seconds — and, unlike detergents the oil does not simply drop to the bottom but is "eaten" by microbs & very green. And only a few squirts kills any and all smells in the bilge. Please do add me to your email list. I can't find any ship's store that carries it. They ALL should! — Thomas J. Smith, Remax At Barnegat Bay

On Spillaway+ and Fleet Kleen

"One of the best advantages aside from its ability to clean the deepest crevices and cracks on any surface is the added benefit of cost savings and time."
~Greg Cox, PSA & Environmental Coordinator for Delta Airlines

On Naval Kleen II

"In our experience, Naval Kleen II has proven to be a highly effective product for mitigating oil contamination of ballast tanks."

~Jeff Phelps, Vessel Manager, Maersk Line Ltd.

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All of our products are included in the USDA's BioPreferred Program.


This is a Federal purchasing program for biobased products and includes an online, searchable catalog that is a user-friendly database to find biobased products that meet BioPreferred program stringent requirements and guidelines.

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Environmental Solution, Inc. has the ability to "custom blend" products for your specific needs. We are dedicated to on-going research in the field of Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon and Organic Compound Contamination.

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