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RigwashTM, specifically formulated for the oil & gas industry. The only bioremedial cleaner degreaser awarded the Gold Standard by CEFAS.


How Green is Green When it Comes to Using Everyday Industrial Cleaning Products for Plant Maintenance? by John Paparone, owner, Environmental Solution, Inc. Maintenance World blog September 25, 2014

Keep it Clean & Green by John Paparone, owner, Environmental Solution, Inc. September 2014 issue of Maritime Reporter

John Paparone, Owner of Environmental Solution, was published in the April 2014 edition of Marine News with his article Bioremediation Goes Mainstream


On Naval Kleen II

"In our experience, Naval Kleen II has proven to be a highly effective product for mitigating oil contamination of ballast tanks."
~Jeff Phelps, Vessel Manager, Maersk Line Ltd.

On Spillaway+ and Fleet Kleen 

"One of the best advantages aside from its ability to clean the deepest crevices and cracks on any surface is the added benefit of cost savings and time."
~Greg Cox, PSA & Environmental Coordinator for Delta Airlines 


New Rigwash cleaner degreaser now available for the offshore drilling industry

Food processing on land and at sea: fighting harmful contaminants with superior bioremediation products PDF

Cutting contaminated soil clean-up costs with marine bioremediaton products PDF

Expert makes case for maximizing marine oil spill response measures with bioremediation products PDF

Bioremediation expert waters down the cost of cleaning PDF



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