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Ocean Vessel Bioremediation Products

Whether your fleet is in dry dock or at sea,
our proven environmentally-safe products
provide time-saving advantages for everyday
maintenance and spill emergencies through
natural cleaning and contamination removal
using the technology of bioremediation.

Naval KleenNavalKleen

NavalKleen bioremediation cleaner is recommended for No. 2 thru No. 6 Fuel Oil general maintenance, pollution prevention, and waste minimization.


Naval Kleen IINavalKleen II

NavalKleenII bioremediation cleaner is recommended for No. 6 Fuel Oil, Buncker C and Marine Fuel general maintenance, pollution prevention, and waste minimization.



Bio-W fast acting hydrocarbon absorbent is the first bioremedial, floating absorbent designed to absorb and control hydrocarbons on water. This product has the ability to repel water, allowing it to "hold" only the hydrocarbon it absorbs.


Naval KleenNavalKleen Small Craft Formula

NavalKleen Small Craft Formula is a unique, specially developed liquid product to reduce or eliminate hydrocarbon contamination in bilges, engine compartments and deck areas.



FleetKleen RigWash™ is a highly concentrated, non-aggresive cleaner that can be used for cleaning all surfaces, including all metals, rubber, plastics, acrylics, chrome and plated finishes and painted surfaces without fear of warping, etching, weakening or corroding.

RigWash is specifically formulated for the oil and gas industry. The only cleaner degreaser awarded the Gold Standard by CEFAS.


Fleet KleenFleetKleen

FleetKleen is an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser for concrete floors, cement and stone surfaces.  FleetKleen contains enhanced micro-organisms and bio-cleaners that are demanded by industrial applications.


Spillaway PlusSpillaway+

Spillaway+ is a fast acting hydrocarbon absorbent.  It is a multi-use absorbent with bioremedial microbes for hydrocarbon spills.  Spillaway+ absorbs and degrades oil, fuel and petroleum hydrocarbons into harmless, environmentally safe by-products.


Parts WasherParts Washer

Parts Washer is an aqueous based bioremediation solution.  It is a non-solvent, water-based liquid cleaner for parts washers.


Parts Washer BBParts Washer BB

Parts WasherBB is an aqueous based bioremediation solution. It is a readily biodegradable and biobased concentrated cleaner degreaser for parts washers.



GTO grease trap formula is a natural, biological treatment system, designed for the food processing, manufacturing and service industries. This product was developed to digest the grease, fats and organic wastes that accumulate in grease traps and drain lines using a breakthrough bioremediation process.



FPT-600 food processing plant cleaner is an ideal general purpose cleaner-degreaser to be used in food processing plants and restaurants. It is has the unique ability to "digest" animal/vegetable greases, fats, oils, lipids & starches using a breakthrough microbial-enzymatic bioremediation process.



FPT-100 food processing plant cleaner is an economical general purpose biobased cleaner-degreaser to be used in food processing plants, restaurants and galleys. It is has the unique ability to "digest" animal/vegetable greases, fats, oils, lipids & starches using a breakthrough biobased process.



Smart Solvent is a powerful solvent and degreasing agent. It’s unique properties will allow you to substitute it for your current petroleum-based solvent system. It is a powerful biobased solvent and degreasing agent and is very gentle to the environment.

Did you know?
All of our products are included in the USDA's BioPreferred Program.


This is a Federal purchasing program for biobased products and includes an online, searchable catalog that is a user-friendly database to find biobased products that meet BioPreferred program stringent requirements and guidelines.

For more information,
download the pdf

Visit the Catalog

Take Note!
Environmental Solution, Inc. has the ability to "custom blend" products for your specific needs. We are dedicated to on-going research in the field of Bioremediation of Hydrocarbon and Organic Compound Contamination.

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